Gassonic A/S is the world's leading manufacturer of fixed ultrasonic (acoustic) gas leak detectors for the oil, gas and processing industries. The Gassonic detectors are suited for instant and reliable detection of pressurised gas leaks in hazardous areas on- and offshore. Gassonic A/S consists of a knowledgeable and dedicated team with long experience developing ultrasonic gas leak detectors. Besides, our trained engineers are often being consulted for optimal allocation and commissioning of acoustic detectors

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Introducing the NEW Gassonic Observer-i

The Gassonic Observer-i ultrasonic gas detector distinguishes real gas leaks from nuisance alarms.

Installations with Acoustic Gas Detectors

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Ultrasonic gas leak detectors respond to the ultrasonic noise, which pressurised gas leaks generate. Therefore, they detect leaks instantly in a radius up to 20 m from the detector without having to wait for an explosive gas cloud to build up and without being affected by wind conditions. Latest developments include the SENSSONIC self-test technology enhancing the reliability of the new Gassonic detectors and ensuring failsafe operations.