Gassonic A/S is the world's leading brand of fixed ultrasonic (acoustic) gas leak detectors. Gassonic A/S was the first company to develop an ultrasonic gas leak detector, and our experience with installations of detectors in the oil/gas and petrochemical industries dates back more than ten years. To ensure full client satisfaction and optimal installation of ultrasonic (acoustic) gas leak detectors, Gassonic A/S offers both products and consulting services/support. The company has a worldwide distributor network consisting of companies with extensive experience within instrumentation and fire & gas.

Gassonic A/S is today part of the General Monitors family and MSA (Mine Safety Appliance) of companies. The company was formerly part of the gas division of Bruel and Kjaer and later on Innova AirTech Systems A/S (now Lumasense). Underneath you can read more about the history of the company.