Ultrasonic gas leak detectors have been marketed for more than a decade now but the technology was actually used even before then.

Mid 1980's: The Dutch gas producer and operator NAM (Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij), which is partly owned by Shell, work together with Danish instrument manufacturer Brel&Kjaer to develop a special designed gas leak detector to use at their onshore facilities in Holland. This leads to the introduction of the first ultrasonic acoustic gas leak detector named "WBO989".

1996: Innova AirTech Instruments in Denmark acquires the gas division of Brel&Kjaer. The ultrasonic gas leak detector, which at this time is still a somewhat simple, yet stable, detector, is made part of the package.

1998: Innova develops a new ultrasonic gas leak detector today called "Gassonic MM0100". In the next years, the detector is installed in the North Sea, mainland Europe, Middle East, America and Africa.

2003: Gassonic is formed as an independent part of the Innova Group in Denmark. At the same time Gassonic introduces onsite services and consulting on how to install the ultrasonic detectors and commission the ultrasonic detection system. Installations now also include the Far East and the Caspian Region.

2005: Gassonic markets the next generation of ultrasonic gas leak detection. The patented detector is named "Gassonic Observer", which features the Senssonic™ acoustic self test. It has ATEX, C-UL, IEC Ex, and GGTN K approvals. Within the first year, the detector is being installed in the North Sea, Australia, the USA, Indonesia, the UAE, and Germany. Technically a lot has happened over the years to make the ultrasonic gas leak detector an even more reliable and suitable instrument for applications within the oil/gas and processing industries.

2006: Gassonic A/S becomes an independent company.

2007: Gassonic launches new intrinsically safe acoustic gas detector, the Gassonic Surveyor to replace the Gassonic MM0100. The new detector is ATEX and IEC Ex certified. The development emphasizes our dedication to new research and development and our desire to fulfill our clients' needs.

2007: Gassonic A/S becomes member of the General Monitors Family of Companies.  

2008-2009: The Gassonic gas leak detectors obtain SIL approvals. The Gassonic Observer obtains FM and CSA certification.

2010-2011: Through MSA (Mine Safety Appliances ) aquasition of General Monitors, Gassonic A/S becomes a part of MSA family of companies

2011: Gassonic A/S and General Monitors reseases the Gassonic Observer-H, which is the most advanced ultrasonic gas leak detector on the marked including industry standard HART registred interface


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