Noise mapping survey

To ensure optimal detection coverage of the ultrasonic (acoustic) gas leak detectors, it is important to have an indication of the ultrasonic background noise. That means that before setting the trigger level and installing the ultrasonic gas leak detection system, the background noise should be estimated or measured onsite. This will eliminate the risk of false alarms.

Gassonic A/S offers to perform ultrasonic mapping surveys worldwide as a service to assist customers in ensuring optimal performance of the ultrasonic (acoustic) gas leak detection system.

A background noise survey is typically done before installation to ensure optimal positioning and thus installation of the gas detectors. After installation it is also possible to perform the mapping survey while commissioning the gas leak detection system. Based on the survey, correct settings of the individual detectors can be implemented.

If the plant is not yet constructed an ultrasonic background noise mapping can for obvious reasons, not take place. If this is the case Gassonic's wide experience with measuring ultrasonic background noise levels in various environments enables our engineers to make reliable predictions of optimal detector locations. This is done based on data about the facility in question in close cooperation with our clients.



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