Gassonic 1701portable test and calibration unit

The Gassonic 1701 is an intrinsically safe (EEx-i) portable test and calibration unit, which is used for regular maintenance of the Gassonic ultrasonic (acoustic) gas leak detectors. Besides, it may be used for field calibration of the Gassonic Observer and Gassonic Surveyor. The Gassonic 1701 is battery operated and it is easily clipped on to the Gassonic detectors.

The Gassonic 1701 is fully traceable and calibrated to international standards. This ensures that the Gassonic detectors always have the same detection coverage.

The Gassonic 1701 is used to ensure the linearity and alarm settings of the Gassonic gas leak detectors. It is also used to verify the delay time and the loop to the control room. In test mode, the Gassonic 1701 emits a constant calibrated sound (tolerance +/- 1 dB), which the Gassonic detector responds to. 

Testing by means of the Gassonic 1701 will ensure optimal coverage and full reliability and performance of the Gassonic ultrasonic gas leak detectors.

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