Gassonic Surveyor Gas Leak Detector

NEW intrinsically safe ultrasonic (acoustic) gas leak detector for instant detection of pressurised gas. For fixed installations. Features: 

  • Interface outputs include standard 4-20 mA analogue output and alarm/fault relayoutput
  • Wide dynamic range (44-104 dB)
  • Visual LED indication for various detector functionalities
  • Minimal maintenance and calibration requirements
  • Retrofittable with Gassonic MM0100 installations
  • Intrinsically safe, EEx-i design
  • ATEX and IECEx certified
  • SIL 1/2 Suitable

The Gassonic Surveyor is a new ultrasonic (acoustic) gas leak detector. It is based on robust and proven microphone technology to ensure gas leak detection at the speed of sound. The Gassonic Surveyor is designed in full stainless steel with an integrated junction box. The detector does not need the gas to accumulate or come into physical contact with the detector. As a consequence, it reduces the risk that hazardous situations will escalate into catastrophic scenarios.

The Gassonic Surveyor is designed for long and reliable operation in extreme environmental conditions.


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        Gassonic Surveyor
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