Gassonic Observer Installed

The ultrasonic acoustic gas leak detection technology detects leaks from pressurized gas systems by sensing the airborne ultrasound produced by the escaping gas. This means that the ultrasonic gas leak detectors detect gas leaks at the speed of sound in a detection radius up to 28 meters.

Unlike conventional gas detection methods (point or open path gas detection) the ultrasonic gas leak detectors do not have to wait for the gas to accumulate into a potentially dangerous gas cloud and come into physical contact with the detectors. They instantaneously raise an alarm if a leak is detected. The illustration illustrates a flange leak. The ultrasonic acoustic gas leak detector will pick up this leak without being affected by conditions such as changing wind directions, gas dilution, and the direction of the gas leak - conditions relevant for most outdoor gas installations. READ MORE about the ultrasonic gas leak detection technology



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