• Senssonic Self-Test Technology

In field instrumentation, particularly in harsh outdoor environments, faults or breakdowns can occur. What is NOT acceptable is when such faults or breakdowns are left unrevealed, especially when safety is involved.

To meet the challenge of ensuring no unrevealed failures for our ultrasonic (acoustic) gas leak detectors, Gassonic A/S has developed the SENSSONIC self-test technology. This technology can be compared to the optical integrity test found in some infrared flame cameras.

SENSSONIC™ self-test technology provides a full acoustic integrity test of the Gassonic Observer gas leak detector every 15 minutes using a high-quality sound transducer transmitting an airborne ultrasonic signal to the detector’s microphone system. This ensures that the microphone and the electronics in the ultrasonic (acoustic) gas leak detector are tested in a controlled setting within well-defined tolerances, and that the operator is warned if the detector should fail this regular test.

The Senssonic™ technology provides reliable and failsafe operation for the Gassonic ultrasonic (acoustic) gas leak detectors, optimising the protection of assets and human safety in industrial facilities.